Support for Ranked Choice Voting

Don't just take our word. Ranked choice voting has drawn support from reputable leaders, scholars, journalists, organizations, and research commissions across the nation.

More importantly, people across the political spectrum have openly advocated for Ranked Choice Voting. This is an issue that transcends partisanship and we believe its an idea that everyone can get behind.


Endorsements from Kentucky Leaders

Kentucky Senator Stephen Meredith, 5th District (R)
Sponsored Senate Bill 124 during 2021 KY legislative session
SB124 proposes to adopt RCV for Kentucky state-level offices


Endorsements from National Leaders

Former U.S. Senator John McCain, Arizona (R)
Endorsed RCV in Alaska (Ballot Measure 1, 2002)
"[RCV] will lead to good government because Alaska will elect leaders who have the support of a majority of voters."

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts (D)
Authored 2020 op-ed for Globe Opinion endorsing RCV

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen (L)
Endorsed RCV during 2020 interview with Luck Box Magazine
Voiced support for RCV in a 2020 Tweet on Twitter

RCV in the Media

Courier-Journal, regarding the results of the 2019 Kentucky Gubernatorial Election
"Kentucky can strengthen elections and inspire confidence in the results. Here's how"

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