I've heard of many alternative voting methods, why RCV?


We believe RCV is the best alternative to our current system for a variety of reasons. 

1. RCV complies with the majority criterion principle. Simply put if a candidate wins a majority (>50%) of first votes they should win the election. 

2. RCV complies with the Later-no Harm principle. This means under RCV voting for more candidates won't harm the chances of winning for your more-preferred candidate. This removes the possibility of tactical voting that complicates the process for the voter. In fact, RCV is even less complicated than our current system (FPTP) because right now you have to decide who the most viable candidate is that you like to vote for.

3. RCV elects the Condorcet winner in almost every election. This means the candidate would win if they faced off head to head with each candidate individually. 

4. RCV is easily adopted in both single-winner and multi-winner elections.

5. RCV is easy to understand, not extremely costly to implement, would revamp our democracy, and was the most movement behind it currently.

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  • Benjamin Harnden
    published this page in FAQ 2021-04-05 12:20:51 -0400