We believe that it is the right of those who submit to authority to have a voice in how that authority is exercised.

Voting is an expression of the voice of the people. Ranked Choice Voting simply enhances democratic representation and ensures that voters have the freedom to vote based on their convictions, rather than calculations about which candidate is most likely to win an election. 

We believe that an effective and accountable government can only be born from a fair and representative election process.

Majority rule is a fundamental principle of our government, but our current voting system often yields candidates who win elections without the majority of votes. Ranked Choice Voting ensures that every candidate wins an election with support from the majority of voters (>50%) without the need for costly runoff elections.

We believe that a small and subtle improvement to the ballot can lead to drastically better election outcomes.

Ranked Choice Voting empowers voters by providing them the ability to rank candidates in order of preference: first, second, third, and so forth. If your first choice candidate cannot win the election, your vote is counted towards your next preference. This means that the people can vote with their conscience, rather than feeling compelled to vote strategically.

We believe that the ballot box embodies the diverse range of needs, desires, and values of the people.

With Ranked Choice Voting, every voter still only gets one vote, and every vote is counted. However, voters are provided a greater level of choice that allows them to express the intricacy of their views. Better expressions of voters' views lead to better representation of those views by our elected leaders. Likewise, a wider range of candidates can run for election without being treated as a "spoiler" who pulls votes away from a more prominent candidate, or splits the vote between like-minded candidates.

We believe that ballots should represent real world decision making.

Everyday, Kentuckians are faced with decisions that require them to prioritize the options available to them. Ranked Choice Voting is simply a reflection of the real world. It allows voters to think in relative terms, rather than absolutes.