89% of primary races for Kentucky State Senator and Representative with more than 3 candidates yielded a winner without majority support.  Three more races were uncontested.

Even worse, only 1 out of every 5 voters chose to vote in the primary.  Why? Our current first-past-the-post (FPTP) election system leaves many of us discouraged and feeling like our voice isn’t heard in Frankfort. #RankedChoiceVoting is one simple change to our ballot that can help us achieve the goals and ideals of democratic elections.

More choice on the ballot gives voters more voice, resulting in a legislature that represents all Kentuckians.

  • Legislators elected with majority support have a real mandate to govern and the majority of voters will have their voice represented in Frankfort.
  • Voters true voice will be represented on the ballot – no more worry that their vote will inadvertently support their least favorite candidate
  • Voters will know they are being heard. Candidates will need to reach out to as many voters as possible – they need those 2nd and 3rd choice needed to get them to a majority during the “instant runoff” process.
  • Independents and candidates outside the party elite can stay in the race without fear of hurting ideologically or demographically similar opponents. With RCV elections, voters choose the winners, not the party machine.
  • RCV can also ensure every voter’s voice is heard in our presidential primaries. With a primary season that stretches across months, votes for candidates who later dropped out are wasted and those voters’ voices unheard. With RCV, if your first-choice candidate drops out, your vote goes to whichever remaining candidate is ranked highest.

Ranked Choice Voting is the best way to give we the people more voice in Frankfort.