Senate Bill 77 - AN ACT relating to elections (RCV)

Sponsor: Sen. Michael Meredith (R – Leitchfield)

STATUS: Submitted to State & Local Government Committee

Amend KRS 118.015 to define terms; create new sections of KRS Chapter 118 to require certain candidates for office to be elected by ranked-choice voting and establish the process relating thereto; amend KRS 117.125 to require voting machines be equipped to allow for ranked-choice voting; amend KRS 117.187 to require the county board of elections to provide ranked-choice voting training to election officers; amend KRS 118.425 to conform.

This bill would require elections for statewide executive branch offices and member of the General Assembly to be conducted using Ranked Choice Voting. This would not include elections for federal offices, such as Congress, Senate, and President of the United States, nor would it be required for party primaries.

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