May Statewide Strategy Meeting

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Meet great people. Learn new skills. Empower voters. Make a difference.

Join us at our statewide meeting, where we will build the strategy to win Ranked Choice Voting in Kentucky.

A few years ago, Maine became the first state to reform their elections by adopting Ranked Choice Voting. Then, America's largest city -- New York City -- passed Ranked Choice Voting by a whopping 74% of the vote. Five states used RCV for the 2020 presidential primaries or caucuses.

Please join us on Zoom, Thursday, May 6th at 7 EDT to discuss the strategy for winning RCV in Kentucky. RSVP below. Our meeting will include an informational video, general strategy, capacity-building, and action team break-out sessions. ➡️ RSVP HERE

May 07, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Zoom (Registration Required)