Do you support the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting for all elections in Kentucky?

The Problem

The way we vote in Kentucky, combined with the 'Status Quo' of politics as usual isn't working for the majority of Kentuckians. Kentucky Voters AND Candidates are not served by our "First Past The Post" voting system. Candidates hesitate to throw their name in for fear of spoiling the election or splitting to vote of like-minded candidates, seemingly guaranteeing victory for their opponents. Voters are forced to be a part of negative campaigns, can end up with a winner who didn't even receive a majority of the votes, and have to "play politics", voting even for someone who isn't their preference, so that it doesn't go to a candidate who might spoil the election. 

The Solution

Ranked Choice Voting.  Kentucky voters should have the ability to rank the candidates they support in order of preference: no more need to do the political calculus at the ballot box of whether the candidate you really support is viable. Kentucky voters should be able to vote for who they truly support without fear of spoiling the election or splitting the vote of candidates they prefer. 

Ranked Choice voting in Kentucky can lead to more competitive elections, more candidates to choose from, less divisive campaigns and no more worries about wasting your vote.

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